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Me and My Raspi Blog SiteS


I am Gerald S. Brown.

My wife and I are now living in the Philippines since 2004 in a subdivision that had 9 houses when we moved in and now has over 30. Of those 9 house there were 5 doctors and an assortment of other nationalities. There are now 10 doctors here.

I had my first programming class in 1975 at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan.

In 1976 I purchased my first computer. A Commodore PET, which was an all-in-one system with a 9” monochrome screen, a tape drive for storing programs and data and a chicklet (little squares) keyboard. One reason I purchased that was because it had only one (1) wire, the power cord.

Another computer available at that time was the TRS 80 system, which was produced by the Tandy Radio Shack company. I think that had several pieces that were wired together.

Since that time I have had numerous computer systems. My current set up consists of 1 No-Name desktop assembled by a local computer store, a HP laptop with 15.6 screen, a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB RAM. And also are the four (4) Raspberry Pi computers. The first was a model 2 B, the next two were model 3 B+ and the last was a model 4 B.


My Raspi Blog SiteS.

You may have noticed the S at the end of Site. This is because I am in the process of creating 4 sites.

I was planning on using my Raspberry Pi computers to run my web sites from my home office, but in Sept 2019 my Internet Service Provider (ISP) Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) down graded the firmware in my modem and closed all ports that were previously opened. I then decided to host my web site on Dreamhost.com where I have been a customer since 2010.

Recently I discovered a program called “Inserts”. This provides a gateway to/from Digitalocean.com so now my Raspberry Pi computers can be reached from the Internet. I will be having an article on that program in the future.

The site I now have running on Dreamhost.com is powered by Joomla and the address is http://myraspi.tech. You may be wondering about the “tech”. I figured the Raspberry Pi is technical piece of equipment so I started using the “tech” is now available.

The next one is http://myraspi-jm.xyz. This site is also powered by Joomla and is hosted on one of my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ computers. The reason for the “xyz” extension is because Namecheap.com was making this available for only $1.00 for the first year.

The next is similar to the previous one in that it is also hosted on one of my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ computers except the name is http://myraspi-wp.xyz and it is powered by Wordpress.

The last one at this time is also powered by Wordpress but is hosted at Wordpress.com. This one was unplanned but I wanted to use the JetPack on the above site but in order to install this plug-in I had to sign up at Wordpress.com. I wanted to use MyRaspi as my domain name there too but it was already taken and the last post there was in 2016 so I was given the name of http://themyraspi.wordpress.com

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