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In this article I will be explaining about my current computer system, which consists of 4 Raspberry Pi computers. They are 1 – model 2, 2 – model 3 B+ and 1 – model 4, 4 gb memory.

Originally I had each of the 4 in their own case. This setup did not stack very well so I ordered, received and assembled a 4 unit stack. This consists of 5 pieces of cut out fiber glass pieces and enough metal stand off units, which have a threaded inner hole on one end and a threaded extension on the opposite end that goes through holes in the fiberglass boards and connect to each other. This makes for a much neater setup on my desk.

I have set up a static address on each of the 4 computers so I will be able to identify each computer. The system I have worked out is as follows:

  1. For the model 2 I have set the static address to The 192.168.1.xxx is required on my systems as that is what is assigned by my Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some ISPs assign 10.10.10.xxx to their systems.

  2. For the model 3s I have assigned to one and to the other I assigned

  3. For the model 4 I have assigned

  4. As you can see the middle number of the last 3 digits corresponds to the model number of the computer. Using this system I could have 10 computers of each model.

  5. I have a model 0 – Zero on order and plan to make the last 3 digits = 101.

On the model 2 the main program I have installed is called INLETS. This program allows me to connect to DigitalOcean.com (a cloud provider) that provides a static IP address that is accessible from the internet and then to my Raspberry Pi computers. It was working good for awhile but now it no longer works so I now need to find out what the problem is and correct it so it is working again,

On the 131 model 3 I have installed a Web application powered by Joomla known as MyRaspi-JM.xyz. This program is similar to the one MyRasoi.tech that is running on the Dreamhost.com web host system. The 132 model 3 has another web site powered by Wordpress.org software called MyRaspi-WP.xyz.

On the 141 model 4 computer I have the MariaDB.com database called naturally MariaDB-server. The programs on both of model 3s connect to this database to store their data. I am also in the process of relearning Ruby on Rails programming language and I will then be running more applications on that system. It is also connected to 2 RAID1 disk setups. The one consists of 2 – 1tb hard drives and 3 – 64gb USB flash drives. So far only the 1tb drives are being used. The 5 drives are connected to a powered USB hub which is then connected to the model 4 computer.

The hub is connected to the power source as the power supply on the Raspberry Pi computers is not powerful enough to power this many external devices.

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