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This is the fourth edition of this MyRaspi News newsletter.  If you missed the first 3 editions they can be seen at http://myraspi.tech/news-letters/news-archive.

I have been working on the web/blog site for a while now so thought it is about time I let you know what the changes have been made since the last newsletter.

I have installed several extensions to afford more options for you the visitor. The one that will affect you the most will be the "Register & Login" extension. The main benefit of logging in is that another extension I have installed will allow only Registered users to Print or Download as a PDF or Send an email of the current article. In the future there will probably be more functions that will be limited to Registered users.

Other extension I have installed are:

  • A notice of how long it will take to read the article.

  • Comments. This is one that allows Registered users to see. With it you can enter comments, questions or requests for additional articles (which I would appreciate) so I will know what you are interested in.

  • This new email list. This will allow me to manage the email list from within the web site instead of going to another program to send emails. Speaking of the newsletters, feel free to forward them to anyone you think will be interested in them. If they are then click on the following link. Visit the site here.

  • One shows the date the article was created and the date it was updated. That is one thing I hate about a lot of web sites is I never know when those articles were created. Was it 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago. Most that were created more than 1 year ago are now obsolete…

  • One that shows the status of the article, such as modified, newly published or any other status.

Until next time, happy reading and will see you soon at the web site.5


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