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You are receiving this from me, Gerald Brown because you are on my address list so we have communicated in the past.  I plan to send these emails no more than once a week so I will not overload your Inbox.  It will most likely be even less than this as I will only send when I have IMPORTANT information!!!

The reason I am sending this message is to announce the creation of my new web site.  It is MyRaspi.tech.  Notice that the domain is tech not com or net or any other.

I hope that you will enjoy and learn from this site.

I have just started with the site and have a few articles already posted and plan to post at least 3 more a week.  As I post a new article I am also including it in a book that I am planning.

I am planning on adding at least 3 more things to the site to include:

  1. A form for adding comments.

  2. A form for visitors to subscribe to this newsletter.

  3. A form where you can take a quiz to see if you are able to learn what I presented.

Thanks for reading.


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