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It has been quite awhile since I last  sent an email to this list so thought I would bring you up to date on some of the things I have been doing since last time.

The main addition to the web site which I have neglected to provide a link to so here it is MyRaspi.tech

  1. I have uploaded 90+ copies of the Mag Pi magazine that are now available for your down load. I was able to download them for free so thought I would make them available to you too. Each issue has articles on projects and uses for the Raspberry Pi computer.
  2. I have discovered a program called "inlets" that allows connection to the internet from my Raspberry Pi computers and vise versa. I plan to move the above web site here too. Currently I have created a test application that is a clone of the Github repository for storing of a person's files. If you would like to check it out it is located at Gerald-Brown.tech
  3. I am also working on other projects to include:
    1. Make a cluster of my two Raspi 3 computers so they can share the load of my applications.
    2. Set up a Redundtant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). This will create a mirror of all files on one drive to another.
    3. Any others I can think of in the mean time.

If you have any ideas of projects you would like to see just let me know and I will try to create them for you.

Until next time try to avoid the Coronavirus that is going on around the world.


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This is the fourth edition of this MyRaspi News newsletter.  If you missed the first 3 editions they can be seen at http://myraspi.tech/news-letters/news-archive.

I have been working on the web/blog site for a while now so thought it is about time I let you know what the changes have been made since the last newsletter.

I have installed several extensions to afford more options for you the visitor. The one that will affect you the most will be the "Register & Login" extension. The main benefit of logging in is that another extension I have installed will allow only Registered users to Print or Download as a PDF or Send an email of the current article. In the future there will probably be more functions that will be limited to Registered users.

Other extension I have installed are:

  • A notice of how long it will take to read the article.

  • Comments. This is one that allows Registered users to see. With it you can enter comments, questions or requests for additional articles (which I would appreciate) so I will know what you are interested in.

  • This new email list. This will allow me to manage the email list from within the web site instead of going to another program to send emails. Speaking of the newsletters, feel free to forward them to anyone you think will be interested in them. If they are then click on the following link. Visit the site here.

  • One shows the date the article was created and the date it was updated. That is one thing I hate about a lot of web sites is I never know when those articles were created. Was it 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago. Most that were created more than 1 year ago are now obsolete…

  • One that shows the status of the article, such as modified, newly published or any other status.

Until next time, happy reading and will see you soon at the web site.5


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In my previous message I said that I would ONLY send an email to this list if I had important information.

This morning I realized that I had omitted important information in that email.

The important information that I had omitted was the subject for the web site and this email so here it is now!!!

The main subject for the web site and this news letter is the Raspberry Pi Computer (which I have shortened to Raspi to reduce the amount of typing).

The Raspi computer is a credit card size computer that was designed in England as a cheap way for children to learn computer programming.  It is now in it's fourth version with many millions being sold around the world. 

The 4th version comes with one of three memory systems.  They are 1gb, 2gb or 4gb.  The prices start at USD$35 for the 1gb, USD $45 for the 2gb and USD $55 for the 4gb system.  The version 4 also has 2 USB2 and 2 USB3 ports plus 2 HDMI ports to connect 2 monitors (although I don't know why anyone would want to use 2 monitors at the same time). For more information visit the Raspberry Pi website here.

You will also need an external power supply as listed here.

When I purchased mine I ordered the Starter Kit as that included all of the required items.

In a future article I plan to find all of the sources where you can purchase one or more of these mighty midgets.


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You are receiving this from me, Gerald Brown because you are on my address list so we have communicated in the past.  I plan to send these emails no more than once a week so I will not overload your Inbox.  It will most likely be even less than this as I will only send when I have IMPORTANT information!!!

The reason I am sending this message is to announce the creation of my new web site.  It is MyRaspi.tech.  Notice that the domain is tech not com or net or any other.

I hope that you will enjoy and learn from this site.

I have just started with the site and have a few articles already posted and plan to post at least 3 more a week.  As I post a new article I am also including it in a book that I am planning.

I am planning on adding at least 3 more things to the site to include:

  1. A form for adding comments.

  2. A form for visitors to subscribe to this newsletter.

  3. A form where you can take a quiz to see if you are able to learn what I presented.

Thanks for reading.


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As it is Christmas eve here in the Philippines I thought I would send you a greeting for the holiday season and give you an update on my web(blog) site and ebook. 

They are both progressing slowly and more slow now this week because of the holidays.

I have also created a page to sign up to the "FREE MyRaspi Book" list.  Just login to My new list for the FREE ebook. and it will give you a place to login to the new list.

Again have a happy and safe holiday season.