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In my previous message I said that I would ONLY send an email to this list if I had important information.

This morning I realized that I had omitted important information in that email.

The important information that I had omitted was the subject for the web site and this email so here it is now!!!

The main subject for the web site and this news letter is the Raspberry Pi Computer (which I have shortened to Raspi to reduce the amount of typing).

The Raspi computer is a credit card size computer that was designed in England as a cheap way for children to learn computer programming.  It is now in it's fourth version with many millions being sold around the world. 

The 4th version comes with one of three memory systems.  They are 1gb, 2gb or 4gb.  The prices start at USD$35 for the 1gb, USD $45 for the 2gb and USD $55 for the 4gb system.  The version 4 also has 2 USB2 and 2 USB3 ports plus 2 HDMI ports to connect 2 monitors (although I don't know why anyone would want to use 2 monitors at the same time). For more information visit the Raspberry Pi website here.

You will also need an external power supply as listed here.

When I purchased mine I ordered the Starter Kit as that included all of the required items.

In a future article I plan to find all of the sources where you can purchase one or more of these mighty midgets.



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