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What is the Raspberry Pi?

Or should I say: “What are the Raspberry Pi’s?”

As there are now many versions of the Raspberry Pi the second question will be more correct and with this and future articles I will explain what each of them are.

I will be listing the features of each version with comparisons with other versions.

For this article I will be starting with the Raspberry Pi 4 as it is the latest available.

Raspberry Pi 4 num4

As I said above, “ This is the latest as of the time of this writing.”

Additional items you will need, some of which will be included in a Starter Kit:

  • A 15W USB-C power supply

  • A microSD card loaded with NOOBS or if you know you will be using Raspian software then you will need a blank card and download and install the software to it.

  • A keyboard and mouse. One of the retailers I reviewed provides these with their starter kit. I would recommend on getting a wireless one as the USB dongle uses only one USB port whereas if you get a wired keyboard from the above link it will have 3 additional USB ports built in so you can plug the mouse into it and will still take only one port on the Raspberry Pi. If you use other keyboards and mice they will then require 2 ports, 1 each.

  • Cables to connect to one or two displays via Raspberry Pi 4's micro HDMI ports.

  • For more detailed documentation on configuring your Raspberry Pi visit this official Raspberry Pi site.

  • To discover a whole range of projects for your Raspberry Pi visit this official Raspberry Pi site. The instructions for some of the projects are designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 but should also work on the Raspberry Pi 4.

  • The Raspberry Pi 4 originally came with 3 versions of Random Access Memory (RAM). These were 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB.

  • Recently I read the 1GB option has been dropped and the price of the 2GB has been reduced to the price of the former 1GB which is USD 35.00. This was because the price of RAM chips has also been reduced. I also noticed when I was doing the where to buy article most retailers no longer offered it.

  • The dimensons for this model and all other B or B+ models is 56mm X 85mm


Raspberry Pi 3 A+ num3a+

The Raspberry Pi 3 A+ is different from all of the other Raspberry Pi models in that the board is much larger. Its dimensions are 65 mm x 56 mm x 12 mm

Here is an official link to information to the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ .This includes a link to retailers that carry this version.

Raspberry Pi 3 B num3b

The dimensions of this are

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ num3b+



Raspberry Pi 2 B num2b

Raspberry Pi 1 num1b

Raspberry Pi 0 (Zero) num0

Raspberry Pi 0 - W (Zero-W) num0w


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