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Change your location.

This article will show you how to change your location data in the new Raspi.

Using the Raspi configuration tool.

  1. Select option #4 Localisation Options from the main menu screen.

  2. Press the Tab Key” to select “OK” and then press the “Enter key” at the end of each step to proceed to the next step.

  3. Select option #I1 Change Local

    1. If not in the UK scroll down to the item that has a ”* en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8” in it and press the space bar to remove the “*”.

    2. Scroll up or down to find your language and location. Mine is en for English and US for US and then UTF-8. I would then press the space bar to select this location.

    3. The next screen that pops up will ask you to select another option. I would select en_US.UTF-8 as I am the only user and speak that language. Read the statement at the top of the screen if more people will use your Raspi and they speak a different language.

    4. It will then take you back to the main menu.

  4. Repeat #1

    1. Select I2 Timezone

      1. Select your area from the list provided and press “Enter”

      2. Select your city or region from the list provided. Press the first letter of the city or region and it will take you to the part of the list that starts with that letter. Then scroll up or down to select the nearest city or region to where you are.

  5. Repeat #1 again.

    1. Select I3 Change Keyboard Layout.

    2. Select your keyboard from the list provided. If your exact keyboard is not shown, select one that is close to it. Mine is a “Rapoo” keyboard which is not on the list so I select “Dell 101-key PC and this works for me.

    3. The next screen to pop up lists a lot of English(UK) keyboards and at the bottom of the list there is “Other” which is what I choose as I do not have UK keyboard.

    4. The next screen lists many different languages and I select “English (US).

    5. Now it lists many different English (US) keyboards so I scroll to the top of the list where it says “English (US).

    6. It now lists “AltGr” keys. Read the statement at the top of the screen to see what this means. I select “No AltGr key”.

    7. Now comes something about a “Compose Key”. I select “No Compose Key”.

  6. Repeat #1 once again.

    1. Select I4 Change Wi-Fi Country.

    2. It will now give you a list of countries for you to check yours to set the country where the wi-fi will be used. It will show you the country you have selected and after selecting OK it will take you back to the main menu. This ends the setting of the localization settings. You should now change your password.

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